Happy skin smoothie

Orange, Black berries & raspberries – antioxidant boost, fights free radicals, vitamin C, A & K. Flaxseed oil – Omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp seeds – contains all 9 essential amino acids. Ginger – Anti-inflammatory benefits & antioxidants. Banana – Contains potassium, which is a electrolyte that’s needed for cells to function normally and helps with […]

New dining lamp

Hello there! How good is this lamp from IKEA which makes it possible to have a lamp over the couch / dining table without attaching it to the ceiling. It gives the most cosy feeling ever and the lamp shade we chose to it goes so well with the rest of the dining table and […]

Healthy habits

Hello! It’s the week 2 of lockdown here, it was meant to be lifted tomorrow but it has been extended for another week. My routines are completely off, I’m not wasting enough energy throughout the day so when I’m going to bed I can’t just fall asleep as I usually do as soon as I […]

Bunnings on a rainy Monday

Hello friends! It’s been raining for the last couple of days, and it’s been itching in my fingers to do a complete home make-over. Yesterday we went window shopping, originally looking for a new bed frame. Instead, we found the couch of our dreams. It’s not our style at all as it’s quite coastal, but […]

Cat garden

Cat mint, cat nip and cat grass 🙂 also planted some cat grass around the plants in the empty spaces so hopefully it will sprout and flourish. And that the cats will appreciate it! xx

I made it to the hairdresser

Ok, as we know, I’ve been dealing with my hair on my own since.. pre-lockdown last year? I have a complex relationship with hairdressers, or not hairdressers themselves but hair salons. As a kid, I rarely had professional haircuts and usually, it was our next-door neighbor cutting me in their kitchen, or as an option […]

Visa approved!!!

Today it happened. The news we have been waiting for, for like 6 months!! So happy and relieved, finally. It’s never as hard as to go around and just be waiting and not knowing if one can stay in the country or not. So we celebrated with Korean BBQ. I haven’t been eating much meat […]

Walking brings me back to myself

Today I needed sun. And today was the perfect day for a bush / coastal walk. Re-connect. Recharge. The calmness I feel around these surroundings. Around nature. How grounded how feel when running my fingers through the seashells while listening to the waves. I’m here. I’m home.

This and that

What would love do? Perfume from Lush. Smells amazing. Like a mix of Christmas morning, vanilla, earth and carrot cake. My husband always tells me how nice I smell when I wear it. Black simple bikini top from H&M. Tiny bowls from David Jones. Always good to have I guess? Perfect to have soy sauce […]


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