A little update…

Oh dear, where did the time go? It’s been a while since I checked in here. But life has been a little bit of a roller-coaster lately and so much has happened. I got a new job. Summer is here. It’s almost Christmas. The year is almost over. But I’m excited. I feel like life is getting better. Like I’m moving forward.

I feel excited. For a new year. For what life has in front of me. It’s a nice feeling. The feeling of going in the right direction.

Today I’m having a day off. I have been to the gym. Picked up the weeks groceries (and they even added chocolate for my pick-up order, it made me so happy. It’s like they know me from what I usually order and gave me the healthier option) and now I’m laying in the couch going through stuff for work. Yesterday we put up the few Christmas decorations we have. I said “if we don’t even try to celebrate Christmas here, we will never get used to it”. It’s weird to celebrate Christmas in the middle of summer, but we just need to change our mindset.

another weekend that just flew by

The older you get the shorter the weekend gets? I mean, that must be a thing?
This weekend wasn’t much more exciting than the last one, the weather has been kind of cloudy and the wind cold so yesterday we tried to do a little adventure to Bondi, but after we parked the car we agreed on it being too cold and jumped back in again, haha. Today it was quite similar, took the car to Mosman to walk around a bit, but the wind was too cold so we grabbed a quick takeaway coffee and walked a few blocks before heading to the shopping center to get a new pair of Converse for Alex, then on our way home we just stopped by our friends for a quick chat and coffee.
Now the sun is shining and I’m feeling a bit restless because we haven’t really done much, but it’s 7pm so its pretty much bedtime (hey grandma) soon.

I have never really been a Converse fan but I would happily swap one of my least important body parts for these shoes. I am in love but of course they’re sold out.

Motivation Monday

Yesterday I had a little bit of a emotional breakdown, and today is no better. Everything just feel so hard. I know this year has been tough on everyone so somehow it feels like it’s not ok to be sad, that I need to be grateful for everything that I do have, to not complain. But sometimes we all just need to let go for a moment, to let oneself be vulnerable.
This year has been tough on a personal level as well as everything else that is happening in the world and I feel like I’m walking in mud. Constantly two steps forward, one step back. I am trying to trust the process, and I know that everything will be fine. But some days I feel like giving up. The thing with being an adult though, is that giving up is not an option. No one will do the job for you. So the only option is to keep on trying and believe, that tomorrow will be better.

Saturday night

Good evening!
A bit of an update rom the couch potato herself… This is probably the calmest Halloween weekend of my grown up life. Usually I have been working and then going from work to a party. This year, not that exciting but I actually prefer. I would enjoy the dress up part but that’s it, haha. Yesterday evening we went to visit our friends, we were just sitting in their backyard talking, and having a few light beers before going back home around 9 pm. The weather is so bipolar and it constantly looks like it’s gonna be a massive thunderstorm but then the sun comes out..

Today we went to Alex’s office to do a bit of work, had a nice lunch, then we made homemade ravioli with spinach and ricotta filling in a butter and sage sauce for dinner. It was the first time we made pasta and I am surprised how easy it actually was.
Now we’re just processing the food coma, but I honestly think it won’t get more exciting than this for tonight.

mitchell road antique & design centre

On Monday I went to one of my favorite places in Sydney. Maybe even in the world. I spent one and a half hour there just looking at all the different things they have, walking up and down the aisle, making sure I didn’t miss anything. I love walking around there and get lost in a time that once were. In any other shop I would get bored after a while but it is so much to see. All the weird salt & pepper shakes, the ash trays, different colored glasses, 70’s dresses, black and white photographs in golden frames, old mirrors, unique vases…

I saw these beautiful wooden clogs that are actually made in Sweden. And it was my size, 35, which is pretty uncommon to find. But I didn’t buy them and now I regret it. Maybe I go back next week to see if they’re still there.

Dreaming of…

My balcony is the like the lost soul of the apartment.. It looks a bit abandoned, like someone tried but gave up.. It is a good balcony, great size, nice view, but somehow it just doesn’t work. It definitely needs a good clean after we sandpapered down our dining table out there, and then i’m dreaming of some new interior… And lots o new (not dying) plants and herbs…

Wednesday morning

Good morning!
I am trying to get into the habit again of going to bed early, waking up early but my mind is all over the place before I finally fall asleep and when the alarm goes off at 6:30 I feel tired and like I had a restless sleep. It is always like this before we apply and get the visa granted and I know that there is no reason for it to not get approved, but it is hard to deal with the feeling of that this is not my real home. That it is someone else deciding if we can stay or not. And of course that is creating a lot of stress, subconsciously or not.

Now I am just having my second coffee (9:23am) for today and waiting for the time to hit 10.00 so I can go down to the gym. Then shower, get ready, have lunch and go to work 🙂

Relaxed weekend & pizza night

This weekend was full of completing a to-do-list with stuff that has just been piling up, and we managed to cross everything off so had a really prodoctive weekend. The weather has been really, really crappy with lots of rain so it was easy not getting distracted…
On Sunday we had pizza night and made pizza bianco with prosciutto, parmesan, rocket salad, pesto and pinenuts.

easy snacks

I have been indulging in sweets and sugar for the past week, and even if its nothing wrong with that (but moderation is key) I just feel like I need to reset my cravings. If I have sugar one day, I crave sugar everyday for at least a few days after, absolutely sugar addiction. So instead of having nothing and just ride out the craving because I so easily give in, I need to replace it with something. Here’s some quick and easy snacks that I had through out the day!

Raw bar – 1 cup mixed nuts (I used almonds, walnuts and cashews) 1 cup pitted fresh dates, 1 cup goji (soaked for 5-10 minutes) and raisins. Mix together in a processor and shape into a rectangle, put in the fridge to set before cutting into pieces.

Vacation part 2

On the way to Port Macquarie we did a few stops, one of them was North Brother Mountain which had such a stunning lookout. You know when you see all the places on google maps and the photos looks amazing, but then you arrive and it doesn’t really look like in the pictures at all? Either it is from an angle that you need a drone for or the place is overgrown… But this, this was exactly like in the pictures.

When we arrived to Port Macquarie, we decided to relax a bit more and cancelled some of the plans. Instead we decided to just relaxe at the beach, eat and chill by the pool.

Vacation part 1

Over the long weekend we went away, first to Port Stephens and then to Port Macquarie. We have never been there before and it was a long time since we had a holiday so I can the least say that we were excited. One and a half hour into the road trip, the engine light went on in the car so had to do a sponateus stop at the Mazda repair, luckely they said it was safe to drive but that we should leave it to the mechanics when we’re back home.

On the way there we did a few other, more exciting, stops too, to get the most out of the road trip.

Then we also stopped at the Caves Beach, luckely it was low tide which was nothing we thought of when we arrived but later realised to be lucky as the caves apparently isn’t that accessible when it’s high tide.

Arriving to Nelson Bay and checked in to the hotel. Then it was full on exploring for two days. Went to the Tomaree Head Summit walk, twice, one during the day and one for the sunrise and it was absolutely freezing but absolutely wonderful when the sun came up. Gan Gan look out. Stockton sandunes which were amazing, like something in a movie, seeing the sand mesmerising flowing over the dunes of the breeze, I was stunned.

Thrift shopping

Today I started with scrubbing my kitchen tiles with bakingsoda, vinegar and a toothbrush… At 7am. Halfway through both me and the toothbrush decided to give up. Halft of the floor looks amazing though.

Later in the day I decided to go to the salvation army. Spent more time among the bookshelves than the clothing racks. I did find a little black dress that might be too “extra” for me, but who knows, one day I might be brave enough. And the shoes! Look at them, my soul feels happy just looking at them. And then the 70’s Italian serving bowl to have sallad or popcorn in, just amazing. Everything for 52$.

It feels like home to me

Starting to feel so satisfied with our home! Now we’re just on the hunt for a new dining table and chairs, this one is too small for our space and would love to have proper dining chairs and not stools that hurts my buttbones after 5 minutes.. Would still like a round table with a pedestal foot. And then black wishbone chairs. Completely in love with these.