white as snow

Hello there!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Life has just been such a messy, unsatisfying rollercoaster lately, and the inspiration to write or to share has been non-existent. But I thought as life continues, so should I.
On Sunday we went Christmas decor shopping – the first properly here in Australia. We (by we, I mean me) thought it was time to start incorporating the Christmas feels into our home and life, even if it’s nothing like Christmas back home in Sweden. Start to adjust to how it’s celebrated here. So we went and bought a white Christmas tree, beautiful black and golden bulbs, and listened to Frank Sinatra while we put it together and guess what? It really felt like Christmas is coming up.

New dining lamp

Hello there!

How good is this lamp from IKEA which makes it possible to have a lamp over the couch / dining table without attaching it to the ceiling. It gives the most cosy feeling ever and the lamp shade we chose to it goes so well with the rest of the dining table and chairs. In love!

Bunnings on a rainy Monday

Hello friends!

It’s been raining for the last couple of days, and it’s been itching in my fingers to do a complete home make-over. Yesterday we went window shopping, originally looking for a new bed frame. Instead, we found the couch of our dreams. It’s not our style at all as it’s quite coastal, but it’s really deep and it’s the comfiest couch I’ve ever sat in. So, we’re just waiting if it’s gonna come up any EOFY sale and order it. So no bed frame it is for a while…

As always I’m off on Mondays, and I made a trip to Bunnings. Was supposed to just buy a paint roller, but as I wasn’t in a rush I just walked around the store and found some bits and pieces. I have wanted a tray for the dining table for a long, but haven’t felt like paying 50$ for one, and while walking along with the terracotta pots, I found a perfect coaster, for only 7.95$. Stick some furniture pads underneath. I might spray paint it matte black, but for now, I will stick with this.

I also made a little garden for the cats to nibble on when they’re out on the balcony. They have a tendency to eat our indoor plants so I hope that they will understand that this is the only one that they’re allowed to snack on?!

Tonight I’m going on a pottery class with a friend, slightly nervous and excited. Let’s see how hard it is 😀
xx / Lina

Its all in the details

Did you know Boohoo also have a bit of home decor? I didn’t. But found a few pieces I really liked.







The chairs

Good evening!

Remember the very much wanted wishbone chairs I spoke about? Well, we bought them. And a new dining table. The table is great. It’s solid. It’s earthy and dark. Lovely contrasts. But the chairs… Maybe I had too high expectations. Or maybe it’s just this fix idea how nice they look in everyone else’s home… But I’m not happy with them. And we can’t return them because we unpacked them. And didn’t realise until they were all unpacked how they just didn’t really fit in. They would’ve been better in all black, but I was scared the seat wouldn’t be black for long with all the rubbing on them. So. Back on square one with finding nice dining chairs. I mean, how hard can it be!?

mitchell road antique & design centre

On Monday I went to one of my favorite places in Sydney. Maybe even in the world. I spent one and a half hour there just looking at all the different things they have, walking up and down the aisle, making sure I didn’t miss anything. I love walking around there and get lost in a time that once were. In any other shop I would get bored after a while but it is so much to see. All the weird salt & pepper shakes, the ash trays, different colored glasses, 70’s dresses, black and white photographs in golden frames, old mirrors, unique vases…

I saw these beautiful wooden clogs that are actually made in Sweden. And it was my size, 35, which is pretty uncommon to find. But I didn’t buy them and now I regret it. Maybe I go back next week to see if they’re still there.

Thrift shopping

Today I started with scrubbing my kitchen tiles with bakingsoda, vinegar and a toothbrush… At 7am. Halfway through both me and the toothbrush decided to give up. Halft of the floor looks amazing though.

Later in the day I decided to go to the salvation army. Spent more time among the bookshelves than the clothing racks. I did find a little black dress that might be too “extra” for me, but who knows, one day I might be brave enough. And the shoes! Look at them, my soul feels happy just looking at them. And then the 70’s Italian serving bowl to have sallad or popcorn in, just amazing. Everything for 52$.

It feels like home to me

Starting to feel so satisfied with our home! Now we’re just on the hunt for a new dining table and chairs, this one is too small for our space and would love to have proper dining chairs and not stools that hurts my buttbones after 5 minutes.. Would still like a round table with a pedestal foot. And then black wishbone chairs. Completely in love with these.

If you don’t like it, change it

Last weekend we took on a couple of projects. The terracotta pot was beautiful as it was, but didn’t really go well with the rest of the interior so decided to paint it in a vivid white. The coffee table we had already painted before in a solid black, but we found this stain paint on Ikea, so decided to get rid of the old paint and re-do it. It really made the look of the table feel more alive as you can see the wooden features. And what is a Ikea visit without coming home with a new piece of furniture?…

Absolutely in love. So robust. So dark. And the wine rack fitted so that’s what’s most important.