Walking brings me back to myself

Today I needed sun. And today was the perfect day for a bush / coastal walk. Re-connect. Recharge.

The calmness I feel around these surroundings. Around nature.

How grounded how feel when running my fingers through the seashells while listening to the waves.

I’m here.

I’m home.

A little update…

Oh dear, where did the time go? It’s been a while since I checked in here. But life has been a little bit of a roller-coaster lately and so much has happened. I got a new job. Summer is here. It’s almost Christmas. The year is almost over. But I’m excited. I feel like life is getting better. Like I’m moving forward.

I feel excited. For a new year. For what life has in front of me. It’s a nice feeling. The feeling of going in the right direction.

Today I’m having a day off. I have been to the gym. Picked up the weeks groceries (and they even added chocolate for my pick-up order, it made me so happy. It’s like they know me from what I usually order and gave me the healthier option) and now I’m laying in the couch going through stuff for work. Yesterday we put up the few Christmas decorations we have. I said “if we don’t even try to celebrate Christmas here, we will never get used to it”. It’s weird to celebrate Christmas in the middle of summer, but we just need to change our mindset.

Vacation part 1

Over the long weekend we went away, first to Port Stephens and then to Port Macquarie. We have never been there before and it was a long time since we had a holiday so I can the least say that we were excited. One and a half hour into the road trip, the engine light went on in the car so had to do a sponateus stop at the Mazda repair, luckely they said it was safe to drive but that we should leave it to the mechanics when we’re back home.

On the way there we did a few other, more exciting, stops too, to get the most out of the road trip.

Then we also stopped at the Caves Beach, luckely it was low tide which was nothing we thought of when we arrived but later realised to be lucky as the caves apparently isn’t that accessible when it’s high tide.

Arriving to Nelson Bay and checked in to the hotel. Then it was full on exploring for two days. Went to the Tomaree Head Summit walk, twice, one during the day and one for the sunrise and it was absolutely freezing but absolutely wonderful when the sun came up. Gan Gan look out. Stockton sandunes which were amazing, like something in a movie, seeing the sand mesmerising flowing over the dunes of the breeze, I was stunned.