Woke up at 8am today, the longest sleep-in I had in a while. It’s been a long week at work, and things constantly felt like it were going against me. So I was very much happy to close up on Saturday and start my weekend.

After work I went home and changed into something nicer, and we drove to a friend’s place for dinner. They served us with lamb cutlets, roast potato’s and tzatziki and cheese and mango ice cream for dessert. Around 12am I was so tired and we drove back home. Yet I wasn’t asleep until probably 2am with a mind still being awake even though the body was exhausted.

Lazy Sunday morning started with coffee and watching the morning TV in the couch. Later on we went to Ikea to spend our 60$ voucher that was about to expire and eat lunch (you can see how much we Swedish people like our sauce) . Really just got rather unexciting things like a new frying pan and lunch boxes..

For dinner we made bibimbap, I had marinated tofu with mine and Alex cooked up a scotch fillet. It was so yummy. Such a simple dinner but completely satisfying. Now it’s 9.21 and I will make my move to the bed as the tired nut I am.

Goodnight x

Veggie lunch

Pickled red onion / carrots / tomato / cucumber / spinach / kebab seasoned halloumi / kebab sauce / wraps

Thursday. The weeks are just flying by and I just can’t understand that it’s almost Christmas. Last year we went back home to Sweden to celebrate Christmas, this year we will be renting a house with a couple of friends in the mountains. I am always getting so confused around this time of the year as it’s going towards summer here in Australia, but in Sweden it’s getting colder. My mind hasn’t really gotten used to that yet. Celebrating Christmas with 30° and not – 15°. Today feels like a proper summer day, the sun is shining and the breeze coming in from the opened balcony is hot. Now the season of craving cold foods are starting. No more soups and stews. This combo was simple but tasty, I made the kebab seasoning from scratch and it really made the dish more interesting than just having it plain.