On Sunday we woke up a bit later and had a really slow morning before making a move to Lane Cove National Park as I’ve seen they have a tiny waterfall there. As we walked along the river there we passed by a place where you can rent paddle boats (or whatever they’re called) and I screamed out of excitement and we just had. To. Do. It.

So peaceful to just float around the river, even if our legs got quite sore.. The rental time was for an hour but think we were back within 30 and didn’t even go chasing the tiny waterfall afterwards.. Haha.

Tomorrow is the first day off work week, today I have just been cleaning and doing laundry, went down to the pool in the building for a few laps to work on my conditioning as I’ve been a lazy muffin since… Can’t remember so quite a while.

Chat soon x

Little princess

Good evening!

This day hasn’t been very exciting. The full moon really affected me and my mood has been a bit off. I slept nine hours and woke up tired. I feel low and slow. Tomorrow will be a better day. But for now, look at this little lady. She brings so much joy to my heart.

City break

It was just us. And the mountains. And the silence. It was wonderful. Almost a bit uncomfortable at first. There were no sound of traffic, not a single sound of stress. You could hear the breeze. The nature breathing. I realised I haven’t felt this calm in ages.

So we were standing there, in the kitchen. Almost a bit lost. Just us. This is where we’re gonna spend the weekend. Sounds a bit exaggerated, but without the pump from the city around us I felt, different. Almost like something was missing. After a few bottles of a average priced bottle of red and a not very expensive bottle of prosecco, we talked. We talked; what felt like we haven’t talked in ages. Unloaded our hearts. The pressure from what’s going on in the world. The pressure of being a prisoner in your apartment to keep us safe so we talked. A lot. And shared. And had another sip of wine in between. And planned (is it OK to plan your future in the middle of an pandemic?) but we did. Our future.

And it was exactly what we needed to go into our 6 year wedding anniversary. Leaving the city and just be. No reception, no wifi. Just us. You and me.

I love you