Veggie lunch

Pickled red onion / carrots / tomato / cucumber / spinach / kebab seasoned halloumi / kebab sauce / wraps

Thursday. The weeks are just flying by and I just can’t understand that it’s almost Christmas. Last year we went back home to Sweden to celebrate Christmas, this year we will be renting a house with a couple of friends in the mountains. I am always getting so confused around this time of the year as it’s going towards summer here in Australia, but in Sweden it’s getting colder. My mind hasn’t really gotten used to that yet. Celebrating Christmas with 30° and not – 15°. Today feels like a proper summer day, the sun is shining and the breeze coming in from the opened balcony is hot. Now the season of craving cold foods are starting. No more soups and stews. This combo was simple but tasty, I made the kebab seasoning from scratch and it really made the dish more interesting than just having it plain.