someone just got older

About a week before I turned 29, I just had this overwhelming feeling of….getting older. I don’t mind getting older, I actually like it as I feel like every year I’m getting wiser and finding myself more. But when I was a teenager I got a septum piercing. I took the piercing out after not having it in for too long, but apparently I had it long enough because 15 years later it still hasn’t grown together. So when I noticed, I jumped into the car and drove to the closest tattoo studio 8:40 pm on a Friday night to purchase a septum ring. And suddenly, I just feel a bit more rebellious rather than getting-closer-to-30-wtf.

mitchell road antique & design centre

On Monday I went to one of my favorite places in Sydney. Maybe even in the world. I spent one and a half hour there just looking at all the different things they have, walking up and down the aisle, making sure I didn’t miss anything. I love walking around there and get lost in a time that once were. In any other shop I would get bored after a while but it is so much to see. All the weird salt & pepper shakes, the ash trays, different colored glasses, 70’s dresses, black and white photographs in golden frames, old mirrors, unique vases…

I saw these beautiful wooden clogs that are actually made in Sweden. And it was my size, 35, which is pretty uncommon to find. But I didn’t buy them and now I regret it. Maybe I go back next week to see if they’re still there.